Legislators draft bill to bar suspected terrorists from buying guns in Maryland
With Congress and Governor Larry Hogan (R) unlikely to bar suspected terrorists from buying guns, Senators Jamie Raskin and Jim Rosapepe and Delegates David Moon and Luke Clippinger are drafting a state law to deny gun permits to individuals on the federal government's terrorist watch list.
President Obama has proposed a federal ban but Republican-controlled Congress has rejected it. Yesterday Governor Hogan also rejected U.S. Congressman Chris Van Hollen's proposal that the Maryland executive act in line with NJ Governor Chris Christie's and Connecticut Dan Malloy's action to ban gun sales to suspected terrorists in their states.
"If we wouldn't let them board a plane at BWI, why would we let them purchase a gun in our state?" said Raskin. "We obviously can't stop every gun massacre in America but we can at least stop suspected terrorists from purchasing firearms in our own community. I know Congress is deadlocked on it, but that makes it essential for us to act in Maryland as soon as we get back to Annapolis."
"If his friend Governor Christie can stand up to the NRA to protect his constituents form terrorists, why can't Governor Hogan?" asked Rosapepe. "I hope he'll reconsider his opposition and join us in making Maryland safer."
"If law enforcement officials believe someone is enough of a threat to be on a terrorism watch list, that person should not be allowed to buy the guns that can be used to turn that threat into a tragedy," Clippinger said.  "That's just common sense."
"After ongoing mass shootings, Congress has been unable to find consensus on the most reasonable gun regulations -- including stopping potential terrorists from legally purchasing firearms," said Moon. "This inaction boggles the mind, and highlights the responsibility of state lawmakers to fill the void at the state level. What possible argument would move the GOP to block this effort to protect Marylanders?" 

Senator Raskin is Majority Whip of the Maryland Senate and a member of its Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee where he introduced the ban on military-style assault weapons and other gun safety bills.  Senator Rosapepe was US Ambassador to Romania under President Clinton. Delegate Clippinger is the Chair of the House Democratic Caucus.  He drafted legislation to help law enforcement target straw purchasers of firearms by requiring reporting of lost and stolen firearms; that legislation was included in the 2013 Assault Weapons Ban.  Delegate Moon is a member of the Maryland House Judiciary Committee.