Maryland fiscal leader
For more than twenty years, Jim Rosapepe has worked for the people of Maryland.  As a top fiscal leader in the Maryland House, he vice-chaired the Ways and Means Committee, where he led fights for local school and transportation funding. In the Senate, he focuses on job creation and fiscal responsibility as a member of the Budget & Tax Committee and the Senate Democratic Leadership, as well as Senate Chair of the Democratic Caucus.


US Ambassador · University Regent
Few Maryland leaders have Jim's breadth of experience – in finance, in diplomacy, and in government -- as President Clinton's Ambassador to Romania, promoting American exports and jobs and, as a Regent of the University System of Maryland, leading the fight for college opportunity. He served on the USM Finance Committee and vice chaired the Audit Committee, promoting new business models to make college education more efficient and more affordable.


3 decades' experience in private sector

In the private sector, he's met a payroll since he was 25 years old, building private businesses in the US and Europe and investing in community banks in Maryland.  He has chaired the investment committee of a $30 million private equity fund and helped launch publicly-traded companies in residential and commercial development in Europe, Asia, and Latin America.